Friday, August 19, 2011

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The Very Best of Clayton's Technobabble

Clayton's Technobabble
Today's post takes a look back at some of the more interesting, most viewed and most thought provoking posts from Clayton's Technobabble's archive.  Some of these posts are old and some are more recent.  Some were featured in online magazines and some were not.  But all of them were good posts and they are all still relevant today.

I hope you take the time to check out any posts listed below that you may have missed in the past.  And feel free to comment on which posts you like the best and the kinds of posts you would like
to see in the future.  Enjoy.
  1. Why do you care about 64-bit?
    What's so special about 64-bit compared to 32-bit computing? Why should I care about 64-bit computing? This post answers those questions and a little more. At the beginning of 2010 this was the most viewed post on the site, thanks in no small part to being featured in Start64!

  2. Using Apple Time Machine with FreeNAS
    Originally posted in January of 2010, this is still one of the most popular posts on this site, and for good reason. It is still relevant today. In fact, I still have my Mac's Time Machine setup on FreeNAS the same way this post describes.

  3. The Myth About GHz
    This is another oldie but goodie. This post discusses why clock speed really isn't as important as some people might think. It also discusses what features in a computer are important for performance. It's must read for anyone considering buying a computer who's looking to get a quality machine.

  4. Virtualize Your Desktop
    Virtualize your Windows computer and run it on Linux? This post shows you how to do just that: take a snapshot of your physical Windows install and turn it into a virtual that you can run inside VirtualBox on Linux. And the best part is all of your programs and settings will be preserved on Windows.

  5. The Rise of MultiCore
    It wasn't that long ago when computers shifted from single core to multi-core. This post discusses why there is a growing emphasis on multi-core computing and why single core performance growth was slowing down.

  6. Linux Partitions Explained
  7. Do you ever wonder why Linux typically has multiple partitions when Windows typically only has one? Do you wonder what all those common directories in Linux mean? If you answered 'yes' to either one of those questions then this is the post for you. 

  8. Tethering Your Mac to A Backberry (Bold 9700) on T-Mobile
    I guess there is still a lot of love out there for the Blackberry. Because this is still one of the most popular posts on Clayton's Technobabble. This post has found it's way to forums all around the world. If you have a Blackberry and you want to tether it to your Mac then this is the post for you.

  9. Good Quality Digital Prints
    What makes one digital print better than another? And what is a photo quality print? This post answers those questions and discusses the varying degree in the quality of digital prints. Suffice to say, more PPI is not always better.

  10. What is AI?
    What makes one digital print better than another? If you've ever watched the Matrix or heard of Deep Blue then you have at least heard the term AI. But what is AI, really? Is it something that can be achieved through sheer brute force computation or is it something else?

  11. Run any Program as a Windows Service
    Windows users rejoice, this post is for you. This post shows you how to run any program as a Windows service, not just those programs designed to be a Windows service. It's something that has come in very useful for me at times and I hope you find this little trick useful for you too.

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