Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Tethering Your Mac to a Blackberry (Bold 9700) on T-Mobile

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Blackberry Bold 9700
Ever since I got my Blackberry Bold 9700 I wanted to tether it to my MacBook Pro.  For those of you who don't know what tethering is, it's when you connect your computer with your phone so that you can use your phone's data connection to access the internet on your computer.  Tethering is by no means a real substitute for Wifi.  But when Wifi isn't available, tethering is a great way to get on the internet.  This post details how to set up tethering between a Mac (OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard) and a Blackberry (Bold 9700) on T-Mobile's network.

Pairing a Mac to a Blackberry

If you don't happen to wander around with an extra USB cable in your pocket, you probably want to tether your Mac to your Blackberry using Bluetooth.  Bluetooth allows devices in close proximity to wirelessly communicate with each other.  Fortunately pairing a Blackberry and a Mac with Bluetooth is quite simple.

First turn on Bluetooth on your Mac by going to System -> Preferences -> Bluetooth and checking the checkboxes next to On and Discoverable.

Next, in your Blackberry open Manage Connections and click Set Up Bluetooth.
On the Add a Device screen click the Search button.
In the list of discovered devices, select your Mac.

Your Mac and your Blackberry should now display the same number.  If they do display the same number, click the button that acknowledges that fact on both your Mac and your Blackberry.

Congratulations!  You Blackberry and your Mac are now paired via Bluetooth.

Installing Blackberry Scripts

Unfortunately, the existing dial up networking scripts that are available for tethering out-of-the-box on the Mac will not work correctly with the Blackberry.  I tried everything I could think of, and I finally realized that I needed some new dial up networking scripts for tethering to my Blackberry.  I have included a link to the necessary scripts below.

After clicking the above link to download the modem scripts, unzip the file onto your file system and copy the included .ccl file to /Library/Modem Scripts.

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Charles said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do this with your iPhone also?! Funny you get charged for that (or just plain can't)

Anonymous said...

hey im havin a problem installin the scripts..where do i put dem?

Jenna Dare said...

THANK YOU - I've been struggling forever to figure this out, and now it works perfectly!

Unknown said...

What is the APN on ATT's network?

kelvin said...

sorry but if really need ur help. i'm using my iphone 4 to tether all the time, the speed in like 1.7 mpbs, i use to own bold 9700 but the speed is like 600 to 700k. is there any thing to do i can speed up bold tethering. i'm so addicted to bb but iphone tethered the best connection....thnks man!

Vanster said...

Modified from : onedread (found on tmobile forum on using phone as modem)
Re: How do I tether Mac OS to Blackberry 9700 Bold?
Posted on: 08-03-2010 08:45 AM

I have a couple of mods and have tips for usb tethering below:

**Install Blackberry Manager (go to blackberry website) Once connected and recognized, your Mac will prompt you for the password to your Blackberry if you set one up. If you use numbers for your unlock code, remember to try entering letters.

USB Tethering
1. connect your phone via usb. don't use data option
2. once BB Manager see your phone do not sync.
3. go to system preferences and select NETWORK
4. if Rim Device is in the network option select it. You may want to Name the configuration Blackberry Bold USB (to distinguish from Bluetooth).
5. where it says telephone number ENTER *99#
6. where it says account name ENTER gprs
7. where it says password ENTER gprs
8. click on ADVANCED where it says Vendor select RESEARCH IN MOTION
9. Where it says MODEL Select BLACK BERRY IP MODEM (GSM)
10. Under the PPP tab, make sure “Use TCP header compression” is checked.
11. where it says APN ENTER
12. Click OK Then Click APPLY
13. In Network Preferences, select Bluetooth DUN with the Blackberry configuration and click the Connect button to tether.

Here's my mod for Bluetooth Tethering of TMobile Blackberry Bold 9700 MAC OS 10.6.4

Telephone Number : *99#
Account Name: gprs
Password: gprs

Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Finally I got it to work. Great step by step. This even works with AT&T, just need to change the APN, USER, and PASSWORD... Voila'

Unknown said...

thank you for the tip... its working... but is it normal its running very slow?


i'm on bb bold 9700, tmobile, macbook pro.

Unknown said...

Amazing!!!! Thanks so much all of you for your sagacious words!

Christopher said...

Has anyone had problems tethering their device to their mac when travelling in different states? Is there a reason for this?

Unknown said...

im connected but there is no internet access?

VJK said...

Can anyone please share what the APN, user and password are for ATT? Jean you said you got it to work, could you shed some light? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any Ideas on how to tether if I were on 02 in the UK?

Please let me know as soon as anyone know the settings.

Thanks in advance

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