Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Tethering Your Mac to a Blackberry (Bold 9700) on T-Mobile (2)

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Configuring Dial Up Networking

Open Bluetooth Preferences by navigating to System Preferences -> Bluetooth.

Click on the Advanced button.

Bluetooth-PDA-Sync and SerialPort should display.  If not, click the + button to add SerialPort.

Open Network Preferences by navigating to System Preferences -> Network.

Click the + button to add Bluetooth DUN.

In Network Preferences, Select Bluetooth DUN and click Add Configuration.

Name the configuration Blackberry.
Under the Blackberry configuration, enter *99# for the Telephone Number.
Enter your Blackberry's phone number preceded by a one (e.g. 13125553412) for the Account Name.
Enter your T-Mobile password (i.e. the password you use to login to your account online) for the Password.

Click the Apply button and then click the Advanced button.
On the Modem tab, select Research In Motion as the Vendor.
Select BlackBerry IP Modem (GSM) for the Model.
Enter for the APN.

Click OK.  In Network Preferences, select Bluetooth DUN with the Blackberry configuration and click the Connect button to tether.

Other Thoughts

Browsing seems pretty peppy when I am tethered to my phone, which leads me to believe that I may be taking advantage of the 3G capabilities of my phone.  I have, however, not monitored my network speeds while tethered.

For quick access to Bluetooth devices and Dial Up Networking, I put both Dial Up Networking and Bluetooth Preferences in the Menu Bar.

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Nokiman said...

I noticed today that TMobile server disconnects with in 3 minutes. It was fine yesterday.

Sean said...

Outstanding walkthrough. I've struggled with this for a while but you nailed it. Thanks.

Nokiman said...

Wow! I don't know what happened but today I did a battery pull on my 9700 & I'm now tethered for more than 11 minutes & doesn't disconnect yet. Yes this is an awesome tutorial & discovery. Who needs a $50 Tetherberry when you can have this for free! Thanks a lot Clayton.

pearco said...

Great post Clayton, thanks a lot for putting it together. I had no problems, except initially I had my phone connected by USB and Bluetooth, stupid mistake on my part. I had tried several times before with little success, this post saved me. Thanks again!

Rajesh said...

Nice step by step guide. Thanks Clayton ! I tried it many times but couldn't make it work.

Elton Harito said...

Excellent step by step guide.

Would you please advise where to find password to log in as I do not have one. I currently use vodafone connection and only thing I have is apn everything else seems automatic.

Thank you

El Yuki PR said...

Excelent POST. Finally, I have my Macbook Pro running / Tethering with my BB Bold 9700.

This guide was great!!! Thanks Clayton.

Unknown said...

BusyMany from Europe ^_

I have to say it also, straight from BElgium, thanks a lot !! Actually writting from my macbook connected on internet by Bold 9700,
thanks thanks thanks. :o)

g00gle said...

THANNNKKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! after thousands of fake modem script finally... thank you from Australia

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I had an RFCOMM error; however, once I UNPLUGGED the USB cable, everything worked perfectly!!!

Unknown said...

Help! I followed directions. upon hitting the "connect" button, i get an error message the says:

"internet Connect

Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server. Please verify your settings and try again."

No What???

Anonymous said...

Thanks like a charm...for Rogers users in Canada....use as APN setting. Also you don't need to enter your cell phone number...just the username (wapuser1) and password (wap) without the brackets of course... :)

Unknown said...

you are the MAN!!!! great explanation thank you so much

Ameer said...

OMG....this actually works!! Great step-by-step....THANKS SO MUCH!!! It's so nice to see the blue LED blinking.... :) and a working internet connection via bluetooth! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks dude! Nice clear concise walk through... I mashed this up with a few other posts...
Special Note to all Orange UK users:
APN: orangeinternet
Telephone Number: *99***1#
Account Name: user
Password: pass
Keep up the good work :)

alexmiz said...

Wait! Research in Motion isn't an option for me ont he drop down menu, nor is T-Mobile! I appear to be the only person in the tethering universe with this problem.

Anonymous said...

can someone help do i install the modem srry im new at this mac thing..

Renato Ramos, Jr. said...

After trying several other setups without any success, I reluctantly tried this and IT WORKS! Thank you

Anonymous said...

I almost forked over $50 to to use their software when I saw your posting. I followed it to the letter and hurray! It works! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions!

Unknown said...

Great Post!!! was struggling to get this to work but this tutorial really helped. Thx!

Meredith said...

OMG NO WAYY!!! I have been searching the internet for months to figure out how to use my new blackberry as a modem on my new mac. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!

Ms. Kelly said...

SWWWEEETTT!! Finally! Thanks from NY!!!

Matt said...

Worked for me, thanks!!!!

Unknown said...

i did everything it says and instead this message pops up.

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