Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Using Apple Time Machine with FreeNAS (3)

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Configuring SSH on FreeNAS

Select Services->SSH from the top navigation bar.

Check the Enable box and then click the Save and Restart button.

Configuring an AFP Share on FreeNAS

Open a terminal window and type ssh <Username>@<FreeNAS IP Address> where <Username> is an admin user in FreeNAS. Enter the corresponding password when prompted and navigate to /mnt by entering the command cd /mnt at the command prompt. Create a directory to use as a share for time machine. The name of my shared directory is /mnt/Apple. To create the directory /mnt/Apple, in the directory type mkdir Apple at the command prompt. Type exit to exit the SSH session.

In the FreeNAS web console, Select Services->AFP from the top navigation bar.

Enter a name for the server as you would like it to appear on your Mac. Select Enable local user authentication. Deselect Disable AFP-over-Appletalk to prevent DDP connections. Click the Save and Restart button.

Click on the Shares tab and then click the + image in the bottom right corner of the page. Enter a name for the share and select the path /mnt/Apple by browsing to it. Type in the names of the FreeNAS users that have access to the share and make sure that Automatic disk discovery mode is set to Time Machine. Click the Save button.

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